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PROFILE NESTING by Saccuan's Lab 2

PROFILE NESTING by Saccuan’s Lab

Profile nesting refers to the process of optimizing the arrangement of profiles or shapes on a sheet or plate to minimize waste material during cutting or fabrication. Saccuan’s Lab is a software developed by Saccuan, a company specializing in CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) solutions.

The basic version of Saccuan’s Lab typically offers essential features for profile nesting, including:

Importing profile data: The software allows you to import the profiles or shapes that need to be nested from CAD files or other formats.

Defining sheet size: You can specify the size and dimensions of the sheet or plate on which the profiles will be nested.

Automatic nesting: Saccuan’s Lab uses algorithms and optimization techniques to automatically arrange the imported profiles on the sheet, aiming to minimize material waste and maximize material utilization.

Manual nesting: The software also provides tools for manual nesting, allowing you to manually arrange and adjust the position of profiles on the sheet as needed.

Nesting reports: Saccuan’s Lab may generate reports that provide information on material utilization, cutting path optimization, and other relevant data.

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