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Moment Connection Design for Beam to Weak Axis Column Based on AISC 360-10 2

Moment Connection Design for Beam to Weak Axis Column Based on AISC 360-10

Designing a moment connection between a beam and a weak axis column based on the AISC 360-10 (American Institute of Steel Construction) involves several steps and considerations. Here’s a general outline of the process:

Determine the connection type: Select the appropriate moment connection type based on the project requirements and constraints. Common types include bolted end-plate connections, bolted extended end-plate connections, and bolted flange plate connections.

Determine the connection capacity requirements: Calculate the required connection capacity based on the applied loads and design criteria. This includes determining the required moment resistance, shear resistance, and axial load capacity of the connection.

Analyze the beam and column: Perform structural analysis of the beam and column to determine the internal forces, such as moments and shear forces, at the connection location.

Connection detailing: Determine the dimensions, thicknesses, and other details of the connection components, such as end plates, bolts, and welds. Follow the specific requirements and guidelines provided by AISC 360-10 for connection detailing.

Connection strength calculations: Calculate the capacity of the connection components to resist the applied loads. This involves verifying the strength of the bolts, welds, and other connection elements against the calculated forces.

Connection stiffness considerations: Evaluate the stiffness of the connection to ensure compatibility with the overall structural system. This includes assessing the rotational stiffness, lateral stability, and deflection limits of the connection.

Connection verification: Check the designed connection against the AISC 360-10 requirements, including factors of safety, limit states, and other design provisions. Ensure compliance with applicable design codes and standards

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