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Hinged Connection With Cleat Angle and V. B. 2

Hinged Connection With Cleat Angle and V. B.

A hinged connection with a cleat angle and V.B. (Vertical Bolt) refers to a type of structural connection used in steel construction, typically between a beam and a column. This type of connection allows for rotational movement at the joint while providing stability and load transfer.

Here’s a general description of the connection process:

Cleat angle preparation: A cleat angle, also known as a shear tab, is fabricated from steel and is typically L-shaped. It is designed to transmit the vertical loads between the beam and column. The cleat angle is prepared with holes for vertical bolts (V.B.) to connect it to the beam and column.

Column preparation: The column is prepared with holes that align with the holes on the cleat angle for the vertical bolts. The size and number of the bolts are determined based on the design requirements and load demands.

Beam preparation: The beam is prepared with a hinged connection, allowing for rotational movement at the joint. This could involve cutting or shaping the end of the beam to facilitate the desired rotational behavior.

Cleat angle installation: The cleat angle is positioned on the column, with its holes aligned with the column holes. The vertical bolts are inserted through the holes and tightened to secure the cleat angle to the column.

Beam connection: The beam is connected to the cleat angle. The beam end is placed on the cleat angle, and vertical bolts are inserted through the holes in the cleat angle and into the beam. The bolts are tightened to secure the beam to the cleat angle.

The hinged connection allows rotational movement at the joint, accommodating any angular displacements that may occur due to external loads or thermal expansion. The vertical bolts (V.B.) provide the necessary shear strength to transfer vertical loads between the beam, cleat angle, and column.

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