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Design Of Haunch 2

Design Of Haunch

A haunch is a structural element used to provide additional strength and stiffness at the connection between a beam and a column. The design of a haunch involves several steps to ensure a reliable and efficient connection. Here is a general outline of the design process:

Determine the loads: Identify the applied loads on the beam-column connection, including axial forces, moments, and shear forces. These loads can be obtained from structural analysis or design calculations.

Analyze the connection: Assess the structural behavior and response of the beam-column connection, considering the interaction between the beam and column. Analyze the bending moments and shear forces along the connection length to understand the stress distribution.

Determine the haunch shape and dimensions: Select an appropriate haunch shape and dimensions based on the structural requirements and design constraints. The haunch can be tapered, rectangular, or have other configurations. Consider factors such as connection geometry, material properties, and available space.

Calculate the required haunch strength: Determine the required strength of the haunch to resist the applied loads. This involves assessing the bending moment and shear forces acting on the haunch. Use structural analysis methods, such as moment distribution or finite element analysis, to determine the internal forces.

Design reinforcement: Determine the required reinforcement for the haunch to provide the necessary strength and stiffness. This includes the selection of reinforcement bars, their spacing, and configuration. Consider the design code provisions for concrete design and detailing requirements.

Check for code compliance: Verify that the designed haunch meets the relevant design codes and standards for strength, ductility, and serviceability. Ensure compliance with any additional requirements, such as seismic design provisions or durability considerations.

Connection detailing: Develop detailed drawings and specifications for the haunch, including reinforcement details, dimensions, and construction requirements. Consider proper anchorage and connection of the haunch to the beam and column to ensure load transfer and stability.

Documentation: Prepare detailed design calculations, drawings, and specifications for the haunch to provide clear instructions for fabrication and construction.

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