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A non-extended moment connection refers to a type of structural connection where the beams or columns being connected are not extended or thickened in the vicinity of the connection. In other words, the cross-sectional dimensions of the members remain constant throughout the connection region.

In a non-extended moment connection, the transfer of bending moments is typically achieved through the use of bolts or welds, along with other reinforcing elements such as plates or angles. The connection design aims to provide sufficient strength and stiffness to allow for the effective transfer of moments between the connected members.

The absence of an extension or thickening at the connection region simplifies the fabrication process as it avoids the need for additional material and shaping. However, the design and detailing of non-extended moment connections require careful consideration to ensure the structural integrity and performance of the connection. Factors such as bolt or weld sizes, connection geometry, plate thickness, and reinforcement detailing are crucial aspects to be addressed in the design process.

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