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One Way Slab Design (Single span & Continues Span) 2

One Way Slab Design (Single span & Continues Span)

Reinforced concrete one way slab design allows for a safe means of passage from one room to another in residential buildings and multi story commercial facilities. It also has many other applications like this.

The reinforced concrete one-way slab design is a combination of safety and functionality. This design can be easily customized for your needs. Need a walkway? Easy. Need an extensive commercial structure? Easy, simply create multiple slab levels. We can also add stairs, ramps, or other special components to make your project even more functional.

In building design, a one-way slab is a structure where there is a direct vertical path from the top to bottom, but no path horizontally from one side of the structure to another. The direct sense of travel in this excludes windows and doors and other structural devices that are within a building’s vertical skin.

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