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Download CSI CSiXCAD v19.3.0 2

Download CSI CSiXCAD v19.3.0

Download CSiXCAD is a plugin for AutoCAD, BrisCAD and ZWCAD that optimizes the production of drawings by interacting directly with ETABS and SAP2000. It is used both steel structures and reinforced concrete.

CSiXCAD Provides a live link between the structural models defined and maintained in ETABS or SAP2000 and the drawings that are documented in CAD software.


  • Import from ETABS or SAP2000: During import, you have full control over which objects are imported and which drawing views are generated. Data in the CSiXCAD BIM model is defined only once, and any change to a structural element in the drawing is reflected in all drawings where that element is displayed.
  • Upgrade from ETABS or SAP2000: When changes are made to the original design model, CSiXCAD can compare the content of your BIM model with the modified design model and import all or only selected changes.
  • BIM Objects: CSiXCAD creates “BIM Objects” that explicitly represent structural components and their related annotation elements.
  • Floor Plans: Steel floor plans show member sizes, shear studs, curvature, and end reactions.
  • Elevations: Steel elevations display member sizes, elevation levels, and column splices, and can be drawn as one or multiple lines.
  • Joist planes: Steel beams can be called individually or grouped together to use a single callout.
  • Wall reinforcement plans : Reinforced concrete wall reinforcement plans show the design of the wall and the calls for horizontal and vertical reinforcement.
  • See all the features, here

What’s new in CSiXCAD v19

  • Support for SWSOFT and ZWCAD 2021 and 2022
  • Support for AutoCAD 2022
  • A new command has been implemented that creates concrete beam line stiffener elevations and places them on the new sheets.
  • Curved steel beams can now be imported from ETABS and SAP2000
  • Non-prismatic members can now be imported from SAP2000

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  1. Please make a video showing how to use the crack for this software. I followed the instruction for crack and completed the setup. But when I am trying to import model in CSIXCAD within AutoCAD the software is asking for activation key.

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