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2D / 3D Bentley PLAXIS CONNECT + Activation [2021] 2

2D / 3D Bentley PLAXIS CONNECT + Activation [2021]


PLAXIS is a software system based on the finite element method used for solving problems of engineering geotechnics, design and engineering geology. It is a package of computational programs for finite element calculation of the stress-strain state of structures, foundations and foundations.
PLAXIS 3D. Perform 3D deformation and stability analysis on your next geotechnical project using PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite. It is a finite element and limit equilibrium analysis package that includes specialized functionality for vibration and groundwater analysis.
PLAXIS 2D. Perform 2D geotechnical deformation and stability analysis with PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite, a powerful finite element and limit equilibrium analysis toolkit that includes specialized functionality for vibration, groundwater and heat flow analysis.
PLAXIS Designer. Geotechnical Modeling Tool reduces design and analysis time using soil structure, structure, topology, wells and water data.
PLAXIS LE. Complement your 2D or 3D slope stability analysis with the ultimate equilibrium method with unsaturated groundwater infiltration flow or stress analysis.
PLAXIS Monopile Designer. Enhance your single pile foundation designs with PLAXIS Monopile Designer and reduce wind farm construction costs.

Plaxis 3D

Plaxis 3D Foundation is a software for analyzing the finite element of soil stability and transformation in geotechnical engineering. With its many features, this program fully analyzes geotechnical structures from different angles, and this analysis is based on the scientific and theoretical foundations that the researchers of this scientific branch have achieved. Plaxis 3D Foundation defines complex structures consisting of artificial structures and soil in separation modes, and separate work is possible on each mode. This user-friendly product is designed and has high flexibility in modeling and simulation, has a powerful processing core and performs post-processing processes well.

With its various features, this program is one of the best in the field of geotechnical engineering. plaxis is a company that specializes in geotechnical software and in addition to software, conferences and research seminars around the world. The company’s software is based on a finite element analysis method that is used effectively in two-dimensional and three-dimensional products. The seminars held by Plexiglas are not about the company’s software training, but about the transfer of engineering knowledge among the members. Both to improve the quality of their products and to transfer the technical knowledge and achievements of the day among the researchers in this field.

PLAXIS software features  :

– Limited Software Software for Two-Dimensional Analysis of Deformation and Stability in Geotechnical Engineering

– Development of advanced hybrid models of nonlinear simulation, dependent on time and uneven behavior of soil and rock

– Using special methods to solve hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic problems of pore pressure in the soil

– Structural modeling and interaction between soil and structure

– Has a very powerful graphical environment

– Automatic two-dimensional mesh

– Automatic 3D model creation

– It has two-dimensional elements of 6 knots and 15 knots

– Has special elements for sheet, joint and rotary springs

– Contact elements

– Has a variety of centralized and extensive loading methods

– Ability to model complex boundary conditions

– Ability to use a variety of soil reinforcers

– Considering the types of soil behavior models

– Possibility to consider groundwater level

– Has advanced analytical options

– Create detailed outputs

– Static analysis

– Very high flexibility

– Accurate simulation of different structures based on proven scientific principles and theories

– Tools for calculating soil volume and…

Plaxis Installaion Video

Plaxis Installaion Video

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Pass: 91EDD42D-9465FBE2-B9400140-226C33B8

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