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Masonry by Brian E. Trimble and Joseph H. Brisch 2

Masonry by Brian E. Trimble and Joseph H. Brisch

These Proceedings are the eleventh in a series of ASTM symposia on masonry that began in

Sponsored jointly by ASTM Committee C1 on Cement, C7 on Lime, C12 on Mortars for
Unit Masonry, and C15 on Manufactured Masonry Units, the symposia provide a forum for the
exchange of ideas, information, and practical experience in multiple areas related to masonry.
This resulting STP includes papers presented orally at the June 13, 2006 symposium held in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
This ‘‘2006 ASTM Masonry Symposium’’ was dedicated to Committee C12 on Mortars and
Grouts for Unit Masonry on its 75th Anniversary of developing ASTM standards. It was the
committee’s desire to elicit papers on the importance of standards that were developed through
the ASTM consensus process. Current research, new ideas, and new products all assist with the
development of good ASTM standards.
The papers contained in this symposium volume represent the work of 33 authors and coauthors;
they were peer reviewed by approximately 70 members of ASTM Committees C1, C7,
C12, and C15. The Joint Symposium Committee was made up of members of the four sponsoring
committees, with C12 acting as the lead committee for the 2006 Symposium and STP.
Committee members were Brian Trimble and Joseph Brisch co-chairs and representatives of
Committee C12; Denis Brosnan and Richard Klingner representing C15; Mike Tate and
Margaret Thomson representing C7; and Bill Behie representing C1.
Finally, many ASTM staff members aided the Joint Committee in conducting the Symposium
and preparing this STP. We thank the authors, reviewers, symposium attendees, sponsoring
committee members, and ASTM staff for their work to enhance the success of this symposium
and corresponding STP.

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