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Trip Generation Manual 10th Edition 2

Trip Generation Manual 10th Edition

The Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition includes:

  • Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition – Volume 1, Desk Reference: Provides a detailed description of new urban and person-based trip data, key instructional information, sample plots, and identifies significant changes from the previous edition.
  • Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition – Volume 2, Land Use Data Plots: Includes a complete set of land use descriptions and plots for all land use/time period/independent variable combinations. The electronic version of volume 2 is available in its entirety or via 3 individual land use packages: 1) Land Use Package 1: Residential, Lodging, Recreational; 2) Land Use Package 2: Port/Terminal, Industrial, Institutional, Medical Office; and 3) Land Use Package 3: Retail, Services. The print version is available as a 3,000 page document. Volume 2 cannot be purchased except as part of a bundle.
  • Trip Generation Handbook, 3rd Edition: Provides new guidance on proper techniques for estimating person and vehicular trip generation rates; updates guidance for the evaluation of mixed use developments and the establishment of local trip generation rates; and expands pass-by trip and truck trip generation data.
  • ITETripGen Web-based App: Desktop application that allows electronic access to the entire trip generation dataset with numerous filtering capabilities of including site setting (i.e., rural, suburban, urban), geography, age of data, development size, and trip type (person or vehicular trips). ITETripGen cannot be purchased except as part of a bundle.
  • Trip Generational Manual, 10th Edition Supplement: The Supplement significantly expands the data available in the existing 10th Edition, specifically in the area of multimodal data. In the Supplement, you will find text, tables, data plots, and statistics that describe the current state-of-the practice understanding between walk, bicycle, transit, motor vehicle, and truck trip generation and characteristics associated with an individual development site or land use.

The Trip Generational Manual, 10th Edition Supplement includes:

  • The addition of walk, transit, and bicycle trip generation data for 53 land uses
  • The addition of truck trip generation for 50 land uses
  • A new land use (affordable housing – 223)
  • Expanded data for two land uses (high-cube fulfillment center warehouse – 155 and high-cube parcel hub warehouse -156)

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