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Structural Dynamics, 2nd Ed. Yong Bai, Zhao-Dong Xu 2

Structural Dynamics, 2nd Ed. Yong Bai, Zhao-Dong Xu

Dynamic problems of structures are ubiquitous in research. Therefore, it is very important for students majoring in civil engineering, mechanical
engineering, aircraft engineering and ocean engineering to systematically grasp the basic concepts, calculation principles and calculation methods of
structural dynamics. This book focuses on the basic theories and concepts, as well as the application and background of theories and concepts in
engineering. Since the basic principles and methods of dynamics are applied to other various engineering fields, this book can also be used as a
reference for undergraduate and graduate students in other majors.
The main contents include basic theory of dynamics, establishment of equation of motion, single degree of freedom systems, multi-degree of freedom
systems, distributed-parameter systems, stochastic structural vibrations, research projects of structural dynamics, and structural dynamics of marine
pipeline and riser.
This book was co-authored by Professor Yong Bai of Southern University of Science and Technology and Professor Zhao-Dong Xu of Southeast
University. The authors would like to appreciate Dr. Yong Bai’s and Dr. Zhao-Dong Xu’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who provided the
initial technical writing. The students in Southern University of Science and Technology are Ms. Xinyu Sun (Chapters 1 & 3), Mr. Jiannan Zhao
(Chapters 2 & 4), Mr. Zhao Wang (Chapters 5, 6, & 7), and Mr. Wei Qin (Chapter 8). The students in Southeast University are Mr. Yanwei Xu (Chapter
1 and proofread all), Mr. Hao Hu (Chapter 3), Mr. Yun Yang (Chapter 6), Mr. Shi Chen (Chapter 7), and Mr. Qiangqiang Li (proofread all). The
students in Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology are Mr. Zefeng He (Chapter 3), Mr. Zhenhua He (Chapter 4), and Ms. Tian Zhang
(proofread all). Thanks to all persons involved in reviewing the book.

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