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The Finite Element Method Fundamentals and Applications in Civil, Hydraulic, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering by Bofang Zhu

The finite element method (FEM) is so powerful that many very complicated engineering
problems can be solved by it.This book is primarily written for engineers. It introduces
the basic principles and applications of FEM. It may also be used as textbook in
universities and colleges.

The first purpose of this book is to make an easy read for engineers, so the physical
ideas are enhanced and the basic principles and computing methods are introduced in
an easy but accurate way.

The secondpurposeof this book is tobeof practical value toengineers, so the formulas
that can be used to analyze problems in practical engineering are given in detail.
Thus, there are three distinguishing characteristics of this book: (1) it is easy to read;
(2) the theory and computing formulas of finite element method are complete; (3) it is of
practical use to readers, especially to engineers and professors and engineering students.
Before the publication of the first edition of this book inChinese in 1979, the predicted
readers were engineers, but after publication it was noticed that it was well received not
only by engineers but also by professors and students in universities and colleges. It is
now not only a widely accepted reference book for engineers but also widely used as
textbook for professors and students in universities and colleges in China.
According to the Information Center of Chinese Academy of Science The Finite ElementMethod,
Theory, and Applications (in Chinese) is one of the most well-received 10
books in China in water resources and hydropower domain.
Now the new book in English will be published, I hope it will be well received not
only by engineers working in practical engineering project but also by professors and

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