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[2020] The Art Of Using Paper Space In AutoCAD: All Secrets Of Using Layout Tab and Paper Space In AutoCAD 2010-2020 by CAD Magic

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Dear Friends, Students, and my beloved Colleagues,

• Are you presenting drawings in Model Space, creating lots of Dimension Styles, lots of Text Styles for a drawing file and managing them complexly?
• Are you making drawings with many scale drawings in Model Space and find it too troublesome and hard?
• Dim strokes and text of the drawing after printing shown asynchronously, the same style but big to small, unsightly?
• Your drawings printed incorrectly?
• You are using the Annotative for many scale drawings, but dimensions, texts, Attribute Blocks keep jumping to scale ratio whenever changing the Annotation Scale.
• Every time you want to review a drawing in a file, you have to open the whole drawing file, so heavy that then you have to find it in the whole drawing takes a lot of time?
• You are only familiar with printing in Model Space, each time printing a set of documents is a very boring job, it takes much time to open each drawing file, scan each frame to print order for each drawing?

Please do not worry anymore!

With “The Art Of Using Paper Space In AutoCAD – All Secrets Of Using Layout Tab and Paper Space In AutoCAD 2010-2020”, you will be revealed:
• A step-by-step process working with Model Space to develop all AutoCAD drawings in the direction of managing and printing on Paper Space.
• Working with multi-scale drawings easily, quickly and accurately using only a single Dimstyle.
• A complete combination of 6 tools to manage and master Annotative completely. You never have to worry about scaling every time you change the Annotation Scale. You can even convert an entire Annotative object from the old one to the new one easily.
• The step-by-step process of how to work with Layout Tab optimally and systematically
• How to combine Layout Tab, Annotative, Publish and Sheet Set, manage the entire FULL drawing file only through a single file.
• How to do that with just two mouse clicks, hundreds of drawings print out the synchronized fence, right scale drawing.
• And much, much more!

Would you like to know more?

You will have complete confidence in using Paper Space. One of the best AutoCAD software training books is right before your eyes.

With all the love and passion I have for this book. I regret it if you don’t own it today.

With these strategies in The Art Of Using Paper Space In AutoCAD – All Secrets Of Using Layout Tab and Paper Space In AutoCAD 2010-2020, I have helped hundreds of my students and colleagues take AutoCAD software to the next level completely high.

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