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( Solution Manual ) A First Course in Finite Element Method Daryl L .Logan

The SOLUTION MANUAL answers all fromfrom basic to advanced topics and can be suitably used in a two-course sequence. Topics include basic treatments of (1) simple springs and bars, leading to two- and three-dimensional truss analysis; (2) beam bending, leading to plane frame, grid and space frame analysis; (3) elementary plane stress/strain elements, leading to more advanced plane stress/strain elements and applications to more complex plane stress/strain analysis; (4) axisymmetric stress analysis; (5) isoparametric formulation of the finite element method; (6) three-dimensional stress analysis; (7) plate bending analysis; (8) heat transfer and fluid mass transport; (9) basic fluid flow through porous media and around solid bodies, hydraulic networks, electrical networks, and electrostatics analysis; (10) thermal stress analysis; and (11) time-dependent stress and heat transfer.

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