Civil MDC

200 Questions and answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works BY Vincent T.H.CHU

1. Bridge Works Q1-26 P4-14 2. Concrete Structures Q1-24 P15-23 3. Drainage Works Q1-19 P24-32 4. Earthworks Q1-10 P33-36 5. Piers and Marine Structures Q1-18 P37-42 6. Roadworks Q1-22 P43-50 7. Pumping Station Q1-10 P51-54 8. Reclamation Q1-11 P55-58 9. Water Retaining Structures and Waterworks Q1-16 P59-63 10. Pipe Jacking and Microtunelling Q1-6 P64-65 11. Piles and Foundation Q1-30 P66-75 12. General Q1-14 P76-80 Reference P81-83

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