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Primavera P6 Professional Project V8.1 user guide 2

Primavera P6 Professional Project V8.1 user guide

The module has a new look and feel, including: ? New toolbars – There are several new toolbars that enable you to access nearly all menu commands by clicking an icon. All previous toolbars (Activity toolbar, Command bar, Navigation bar, Directory bar, etc.) have been removed.

For a complete description of each icon and toolbar, refer to the Getting Started\Working with Toolbars and Menus\Menu, Toolbar, and Icon Reference section of the Help. ? Many icons and symbols have been updated. ? Customizable toolbars – You can choose the toolbars you want to display, choose the icons to display on each toolbar, move toolbars to any location in the interface, move and customize icons, create custom toolbars, and more. See Customizing toolbars (on page 62) for details. ?

Customizable menus – You can change the display order of menus, move menu commands, delete menus and commands, customize commands, and create custom menus.

Additionally, some commands have been moved and removed. See Customizing menus (on page 67) for details. ? Tabbed window layouts – You can now open multiple windows simultaneously. All open windows display as tabs below the toolbar area at the top of the interface. In previous releases, you could only open one window at a time.

See Using main windows (on page 53) for details. ? Tile windows – You can tile open windows horizontally or vertically to simultaneously work in multiple windows without having to toggle between windows using the tabs. See Tile windows horizontally or vertically (on page 56) for details.

Primavera P6 Professional Project V8.1 user guide 3

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