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Construction of Buildings (Volumes 1 to 5) by R.Barry 7th edition 2

Construction of Buildings (Volumes 1 to 5) by R.Barry 7th edition

The initial concept on which the series was prepared was that of principles of building under the headings functional requirements, common to all building, with diagrams to illustrate the application of the requirements to the elements of building. Subsequent changes in the use of traditional materials and the use of new materials in novel forms Of construction have illustrated the value of the concept of functional requirements as a measure of the suitability Of materials and construction for both traditional and novel forms of construc- tion. The text has been revised and rearranged to improve the sequence of subject matter to more clearly follow principles of building, with notes on the history of such changes in use of materials, largely dictated by economics and fashion, and the consequences of such changes. A new page layout has been adopted for the series which is more suited to setting diagrams next to the relevant text than the old for- mat. The text is set in a wide right hand column with smaller diagrams set in a left hand column which also contains headings for quick reference. These changes to the text and layout have helped to underline more clearly the original concept on which the series was Notes on the properties and uses of both traditional and new materials are included in each chapter. Such notes on the changes in Building Regulations that have occurred over the years that are relevant to principles have been included without extensive use of reference to standards and the use of tables.

Construction of Buildings (Volumes 1 to 5) by R.Barry 7th edition 3

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