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Concrete Bridge Designer's Manual Book by E. Pennells 2

Concrete Bridge Designer’s Manual Book by E. Pennells

This Concrete Bridge Designer gives bridge engineers clear guidance on design and includes 88 data sheets of design information, charts and check lists.

This book has grown from the need for a series of design guides for use in a
bridge design office. Its purpose is to help an engineer coping with the day to
day tasks of design, and to bring together in one volume some of the
information he needs to have close to hand.
Ideas have been collected from a wide range of sources and the author
acknowledges the contribution of numerous colleagues, particularly those at
E.W.H.Gifford and Partners.

A number of commercial organizations have generously made illustrations
and data available for inclusion in this manual.
Ernest Pennells first became involved in bridge design during the reconstruction
of numerous small railway overbridges to accommodate overhead
electrification of the London-Liverpool railway line.
His initial training with Contractors, and subsequent experience with Local
Authorities as well as Consulting Engineers, covered a diversity of types of
work: highways, buildings, heavy industrial construction and water-retaining
structures. But bridges became the dominant factor in the development of his career.

In 1967 Mr. Pennells joined E.W.H.Gifford and Partners. He was their Resident
Engineer for the Braidley Road and Bourne Avenue bridges at Bournemouth,
which gained a Civic Trust Award, and commendation in Concrete Society
Awards. This was followed by a short tour in Chile representing the interests
of the practice. He was subsequently made
an Associate of the practice and became
responsible for several of their bridgeworks
contracts through all stages of design and

In 1976 Mr. Pennells went to Oxford
University for a period of further study, and
was later ordained as a Minister in the Baptist
A Fellow of the Institution of Structural
Engineers, Mr. Pennells is also a holder of their
Murray Buxton Award Diploma

Concrete Bridge Designer's Manual Book by E. Pennells 3

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