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Design Guidelines for Sewage Works 2008 2

Design Guidelines for Sewage Works 2008

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Design Guidelines for Sewage Works is intended for an audience that includes engineers who are responsible for designing sewage works, ministry engineers responsible for reviewing and approving the designs of such works and the municipalities/owners of the sewage works. It is intended that this Design Guidelines document be used with professional judgment and experience in the design of sewage works and in the engineering review of applications for approval of such systems. The Ministry recognizes that the choice of sewage works designs may be influenced during the planning stages by sustainability issues, such as the cost to design and build sewage works as well as the ongoing cost to operate, maintain, rehabilitate and replace infrastructure. Designers should note that the ministry has a number of specific guidelines and/or procedures which relate to sewage works that may affect design. Such specific guidelines and procedures take precedence over these Design Guidelines.

Design Guidelines for Sewage Works 2008 3

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