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Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (4th:Edition) 2

Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (4th:Edition)

Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (4th:Edition)

The Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual is a publication ofthe Canadian Geotechnical Society. It is originally
based on a manual prepared under the auspices of the National Research Council of Canada Associate Committee
on the National Building Code, Subcommittee on Structural Design for the Building Code.

A draft manual for
public comment was published in 1975. In 1976, the Canadian Geotechnical Society assumed responsibility for the
Manual and placed it under the Technical Committee on Foundations. This coinmittee revised the 1975 draft and
published in 1978 the first edition of the Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual, which incorporated suggestions
received on the 1975 draft.

The Society solicited comments on the Manual and suggestions for revisions and additions in Seminars across the
country. In 1983, the Society requested that the Technical Committee review the comments and suggestions received
and prepare a second edition of the Manual published in 1985. A third edition was produced in 1992, including
various revisions and additions. Further developments in applied GeoEngineering and Ground Engineering are
included in this fourth edition, published in 2006.

The Manual is truly produced by the membership ofthe Canadian Geotechnical Society. The number of individuals
who have contributed to the manual first, the preparation of the 1975 draft, then the 1978 first edition, the 1985
second edition, the 1992 third edition and this 2006 fourth edition – is very large. Specific individuals who contributed
to the fourth edition were: ‘

Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (4th:Edition) 3

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