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Theories and Applications of Plate Analysis: Classical Numerical and Engineering Methods by Rudolph Szilard

Szilard (emeritus professor, structural mechanics, University of Hawaii) addresses a range of problems related to the static, dynamic, and elastic stability analysis of plates and describes analytical, numerical, computer-aided, and engineering solution techniques, in this book/CD-ROM package. Using SI units throughout, he develops all mathematical tools within the book to work with such topics as linear, nonlinear, and moderately thick plate problems, finite different and gridwork methods, finite element and finite strip methods, computer-based plate analysis, yield-line methods, and free and forced vibrations of plates. The accompanying CD-ROM contains 170 plate formulas and a finite element program system for static and dynamic analysis of real-life plate problems. The book will be useful for engineers and graduate students in civil, mechanical, aeronautic, marine, architectural, and mining engineering.

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