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Steel structures: practical design studies by Al Nageim, Hassan 2

Steel structures: practical design studies by Al Nageim, Hassan

The fourth edition of this popular steel structures book contains references to both Eurocodes and British Standards. All the material has been updated where necessary, and new and revised worked examples are included. Sections on the meaning, the purpose and limits of structural design, sustainable steel building and energy saving have been updated. The initial chapters cover the essentials of structural engineering and structural steel design. The remainder of the book is dedicated to a detail examination of the analysis and design of selected types of structures, presenting complex designs in an understandable and user-friendly way. These structures include a range of single and multi-storey buildings, floor systems and wide-span buildings. Each design example is illustrated with applications based on current Eurocodes or British Standard design data, thus assisting the reader to share in the environment of the design process that normally takes place in practical offices and develop real design skills. Two new chapters on the design of cased steel columns and plate girders with and without rigid end posts to EC4 & EC3 are included too. References have been fully updated and include useful website addresses. Emphasis is placed on practical design with a view to helping undergraduate students and newly qualified engineers bridge the gap between academic study and work in the design office. Practising engineers who need a refresher course on up-to-dates methods of design and analysis to EC3 and EC4 will also find the book useful, and numerous worked examples are included. Table of contents : Content: 1. Introduction to structural design : the meaning, the purpose and the limits of structural design : general — 2. Steel structures : structural engineering — 3. Structrual steel desing — 4. Preliminary design — 5. Single-storey, one-way-spanning buildings — 6. Single-storey, one-way-spanning pinned-base portal-plastic design to EC3 — 7. Multistorey buildings — 8. Multistorey buildings, simple design to EC3 — 9. Floor systems — 10. Composite floor system to EC4 — 11. Tall buildings — 12. Wide-span buildings — 13. Composite steel columns to EC3 and EC4 : theory, uses and practical design studies — 14. Steel plate girders : design to EC3 — 15. Plate girder : practical design studies — 16. Sustainable steel buildings and energy saving.

Steel structures: practical design studies by Al Nageim, Hassan 3

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