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CivilFEM v12.0 32 bit/ 64 bit for Ansys

CivilFEM is a powerful and efficient software for designing and simulating civil structures. Using the Finite Element Method (abbreviated FEM), the program has enabled civil engineers to accurately design and simulate large commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, nuclear power plants and other similar structures. The results of this simulation program are very reliable and realistic and accurately determine the materials, energy requirements and more. In fact, this is a beautiful graphical shell application for visualizing finite element computational methods. The interface of this program has been translated into several languages. CivilFEM, with over 30 years of specialized construction work experience, is one of the leading software in geotechnical, bridge, nonlinear civil engineering and pre-construction analysis of concrete structures. The program provides users with capabilities that are rarely found in construction simulation tools, such as linear and nonlinear structures simulation, static and dynamical analysis of structures and the use of Marc’s troubleshooting engine. Also the ability to check the thermal transfer power of different parts of the structure. CivilFEM is a software that is tailor-made to the needs of this branch of engineering and with the support of a rigorous engineering / expertise team has always been and remains one of the leading products in this field.

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