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CadDAM Engineering Software [CD] + Dam collection books data 2

CadDAM Engineering Software [CD] + Dam collection books data

The computer program CADAM was developed in the context, of the R&D activities, of the
industrial chair on Structural Safety of Existing Concrete Dams. This chair was established in
1991 at École Polytechnique de Montréal and is funded jointly by NSERC (Natural Sciences
and Engineering Research Council), Hydro-Québec and Alcan.
The support of these organisations is gratefully acknowledged. In addition, the contributions
and discussions with the engineers of the industrial partners, throughout this development, as
well as related research topics were most useful and stimulating. These technical contributions
are also acknowledged.

1.1 Objectives
CADAM is a computer program that was primarily designed to provide support for learning the
principles of structural stability evaluation of concrete gravity dams. CADAM is also used to
support research and development on structural behaviour and safety of concrete dams.
CADAM is based on the gravity method (rigid body equilibrium and beam theory). It performs
stability analyses for hydrostatic loads and seismic loads. Several modelling options have been
included to allow users to explore the structural behaviour of gravity dams (e.g. geometry, uplift
pressures and drainage, crack initiation and propagation criteria).

Within the context of training engineering students, CADAM allows:
• To corroborate hand calculations with computer calculations to develop the understanding
of the computational procedures.
• To conduct parametric analysis on the effects of geometry, strength of material and load
magnitude on the structural response.
• To compare uplift pressures, crack propagation, and shear strength (peak, residual)
assumptions from different dam safety guidelines (CDSA 1995, USACE 1995, FERC 1991,
FERC 1999 and USBR 1987).

• To study different strengthening scenarios (post-tensioning, earth backing, buttressing).
1.2 Program Input-Output and Computing Environment

CADAM provides an interactive environment for inputting data from the keyboard and the
mouse. The output consists of (a) interactive tabular data and plots that could be quickly
reviewed to evaluate the analysis results, (b) output file reports that display in tabular and
graphical form a synthesis of all results, (c) exchange data files that are exported to the
spreadsheet program MS Excel to allow further processing of the data and to produce
further plots that could be included in other documents. Hard copies of interactive graphical
screen plots could also be obtained.

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CadDAM Engineering Software [CD] + Dam collection books data 3

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