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Bentley RCDC 2023 Full +Activator 2

Bentley RCDC 2023 Full +Activator

New Release – RCDC (SACD) V2023 (

We are pleased to announce the release of RCDC (STAAD Advanced Concrete Design / SACD) version 2023 ( This is a minor release that consists of the following features,

1. Beam Crack-width check for corner Rebar – at the corner and side face of the beam – Indian code

2. Beam flexural calculation enhancement – ACI and NSCP codes

3. AS 3600:2018 – New check added for Minimum percentage reinforcement for the column based on axial load

4. Addition of 6 & 9 mm rebars for Column and Beam design in ACI (metric) and NSCP codes

5. Load Type reading for load cases from STAAD

To find out more about these features and other enhancements, please refer to the attached release notes.

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