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Autodesk Revit 2023 Download


Revit 2023 is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. This software has tools to plan, design, build and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Revit includes tools for architectural design, MEP, structural design, detailing, engineering, and construction professionals. Its features make it possible to perform a unified, coordinated and complete modeling for a multidisciplinary design that encompasses the details and construction.

Some new features of Revit 2023

  • Data Sharing: Share parts of your model with collaborators so they can complete their work without accessing your entire model.
  • Print Order Control: Control the order of visas and sheets in PDF exports and print sets.
  • Measure in 3D: You can now use the Measure tool in 3D views.
  • Performance improvements: A number of changes have been made in different areas to increase performance.
  • Structural Analytical Modeling for BIM Coordination: Take control of your analytical model and accurately create it in the context of any physical structural model geometry.
  • Precise structural analytical model automation: Automatically create a connected analytical model using configurable rules on demand.

  • Library-based connection design automation: Use library-based connection design automation to model your design intent faster, while incorporating structural engineering and fabrication rules to reduce iterations.
  • Adaptive Rebar Propagation: Copy and adapt shape-driven rebar from source host to destination hosts, Rebars are adapted by matching rebar constraints.
  • Electrical Analysis: Electrical engineers can estimate building energy requirements and define the preliminary conceptual distribution system without having to create physical electrical model elements, enabling conceptual analysis and initial equipment sizing with minimal modeling.
  • Technology Preview: MEP Fabrication Data Manager (DM), a cloud-hosted service that enables collaborators to share, manage, and create MEP fabrication content to deliver to Revit users.
  • FormIT/Revit Workflow: Explore and iterate on your design with the new linking formIT and Revit workflow.

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