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Surveying and Levelling Book by N. N. Basak [2nd Edition]

The book covers the syllabi of diploma, degree and AMIE courses and a few topics are also included to aid practising engineers. The examination papers of various boards of technical education and AMIE have been included in the appendix along with hints and solutions.

Contents Introduction 1 Chain Surveying 49 Compass Traversing 74 Plane Table Surveying 115 Levelling 132 Contouring 193 Computation of Area 206 Computation of Volume 231 Tacheometric Surveying 401 Project Surveys 439 Hydrographic Survey 472 Setting Out Works 482 Appendix A 493 Appendix B 511 Appendix C 526 Appendix D 541 Theodolite Traversing 257 Curves 324

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