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Lumion 11.5 Pro Full (Lifetime) – Include Installation Tutorial

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Product Description

With Lumion , you can bring your vision to life and tell a richer, more immersive story about the design’s role in the real world.  A story that sparks imagination and helps clients fully visualize how life could unfold within those four walls.

Lumion helps architects unveil their designs as lived-in spaces, capturing the deeply personal connection between a building, the people who inhabit it, and all the unique objects they bring with them.

You can render more than a building.  Render your client’s dream home, render a story about design that moves emotions, render the space where life happens.

The latest version of Lumion reinforces its ability to make spaces feel alive with the everyday activities that occur there.  You can let your imagination loose and tell a story about a room, a building, or even the entire project, exactly as you see it in your mind’s eye.



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