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ProtaStructure 2022 full


ProtaStructure Suite 2022

With ProtaStructure Suite 2022, our users will have access to a more robust, and more affordable structural engineering software packed with a lot of new features.

The highlight of ProtaStructure 2022 is the new and flexible loading framework that allows you to load members in any direction in any user-defined load case. We have heard our users, developed new design reports, and enhanced the existing ones, such as integrated slab and mat foundation design reports. Besides, a more refined user experience awaits you in slab and mat foundation design. To provide you with a more integrated experience, we have migrated FE Floor and Foundation Module to 64-bit and integrated it with the main program.

ProtaSteel 2022 is completely migrated to a 64-bit platform. The user interface is redesigned from scratch, promoting practicality without compromising habits and usability.

👉Here are a few of the brand-newness that will make you feel excited:

📌 Performance improvements of up to 10 fold in modeling, general usage, and visualization in ProtaStructure 2022.

📌 New Loading System, with a more flexible, scalable, and visual approach.  

📌 Snow load calculation is now automatically done with EC and TS codes.

📌 New seismic checks such as Seismic Joint Spacing Calculation, Forces on Non-structural members, user-defined RSA scaling factors and site coefficients, target displacement calculation in pushover analysis, FRP retrofitting, and member assessment.

📌 Staged Construction that considers the long-term effects of creep and shrinkage.

📌 Brand new environment for ProtaSteel. Faster, more intuitive, with more AI-driven automated connection design for industry-leading steel detailing.

📌 Various international design codes.

📌 Imperial units.

📌 Steel domes.

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