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Water Supply Engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering that deals with the Development of Sources of Supply, Distribution, and Treatment of water.

Water Supply Engineering helps us to supply clean water to particular cities/towns (i.e. homes).

Surface water is that type of water mainly found on the surface of the earth. Example:- Spring, Lake, River, etc.

Sub-surface water is that type of water mainly found below the earth’s surface. Groundwater is known as Subsurface water. Example: Well

  Importance of Water  

1. Man and animals consume water, also they consume vegetation for their food. Plants cannot grow without water.

2. The growth of vegetation also depends upon bacterial action, while bacteria need water to thrive.

3. Good sanitation cannot be maintained without an adequate water supply system.

4. Humans need water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing.

 5. Water keeps an ecological balance.

6. For balancing the relationship between living things and the environment in which they live.

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