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Wind Tunnel Balances 2

Wind Tunnel Balances


This Handbook helps to design and build any kind of force measurement equipment for the use in a wind tunnel. It is of interest to those who want to build multi-component force measurement sensors for other applications as well. The book describes the basic relations for the design and presents handbook formulas that can be used to perform a primary determination of main dimensions of a specified multi-component force sensor. This Handbook describes material and manufacturing particularities, instrumentation techniques and methods for the compensation of environmental influences. It also discusses calibration problems of multi-component force sensors and methods for the evaluation of the data.

A wind tunnel balance is a device that measures the aerodynamic loads amodel experience during a wind tunnel test. A balance is just a multiple axis. force transducer. Balances are designed to measure some or all of the three forces and three moments a model experience.

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