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Smart Buildings Digitalization 2

Smart Buildings Digitalization


A smart building is the state-of-art in building with features that facilitates informed decision making based on the available data through smart metering and IoT sensors. This set provides useful information for developing smart buildings including significant improvement of energy efficiency, implementation of operational improvements and targeting sustainable environment to create an effective customer experience. It includes case studies from industrial results which provide cost effective solutions and integrates the digital SCADE solution.

  • Describes complete implication of smart buildings via industrial, commercial and community platforms
  • Systematically defines energy-efficient buildings, employing power consumption optimization techniques with inclusion of renewable energy sources
  • Covers data centre and cyber security with excellent data storage features for smart buildings
  • Includes systematic and detailed strategies for building air conditioning and lighting
  • Details smart building security propulsion.

This set is aimed at graduate students, researchers and professionals in building systems, architectural, and electrical engineering.

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