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Specification for Pervious Concrete Pavement (ACI 522.1M-13) 2

Specification for Pervious Concrete Pavement (ACI 522.1M-13)


1.1.1 This Specification provides requirements for the construction of pervious concrete pavement.1.1.2 If the requirements of this Specification conflict with the Contract Documents, the Contract Documents shall govern.1.1.3 Values in this Specification are stated in SI units. A companion Specification in inch-pound units is also available.1.1.4 Plus (+) tolerance increases the amount or dimension to which it applies, or raises a deviation from level. Minus (–) tolerance decreases the amount or dimension to which it applies, or lowers a deviation from level. Where only one signed tolerance is specified (+ or –), there is no specified tolerance in the opposing direction.

acceptable or accepted—determined to be satisfactory by architect/engineer.acceptance—acknowledgment by Architect/Engineer that submittal or completed Work is acceptable.Architect/Engineer—the architect, engineer, architec-tural firm, or engineering firm developing contract docu-ments or administering the work under contract documents, or both.

Contract Documents—a set of documents supplied by owner to bidders during bidding phase of a construction project, These documents include general requirements, contract forms, contract conditions, specifications, draw-ings, and addenda .Contractor—the person, firm, or entity under contract for construction of the joint—the surface where two successive placements of concrete meet, across which it may be desir-able to achieve bond.contraction joint—formed, sawed, or tooled groove in a concrete structure to create a weakened plane to regulate the location of cracking.

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