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Guide for Cementitious Repair Material Data Sheet (ACI 364.3R-09) 2

Guide for Cementitious Repair Material Data Sheet (ACI 364.3R-09)


cementitious material—for the purposes of this guide, cementitious material is defined as that fraction of the repair material passing a No. 170 mesh (90 μm) sieve per ASTME11, and mortar is defined as a material consisting of a cementitious binder with the only aggregate being fine aggregate, according to ASTM C33/C33M. No recognized method could be found to physically separate the binder from the fine components of the repair material. Therefore an assumption is made that any material passing this size mesh is to be considered as binder or a cementitious component.

Some of the following compositional reporting requirements are based on the level of the component compared to the cementitious fraction, which is the purpose for determiningthe quantity of this size fraction of the repair material. concrete—concrete is either a repair mortar that has been extended with the addition of coarse aggregate or a concretemixture that was originally proportioned with coarse aggregate.

Example: This repair mortar is composed of a precise blendof portland cement, microsilica, graded aggregates,redispersible polymer, and fine fibers. Because differenttests for mortars and concretes are used for determination ofsome of the physical properties listed below, this definitionclarifies when the different test methods should be used.mortar—mortar is a mixture of cement paste and fineaggregate, with or without additives.

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