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Spine Beam - SCHEME 4 2

Spine Beam – SCHEME 4

A central spine staircase is a modern and contemporary staircase solution, ideal in a home or office environment. … The treads of this staircase rest on one steel central stringer spine, which almost always guarantees a solid feeling while climbing the stairs as well as usable space under the staircase.

This scheme is a spatially factored, non iterative, ADI scheme and uses implicit Euler to perform the time Integration. The algorithm is in delta-form, linearized through implementation of a Taylor-series. Hence observed as increments of the conserved variables. In this an efficient factored algorithm is obtained by evaluating the spatial cross derivatives explicitly. This allows for direct derivation of scheme and efficient solution using this computational algorithm. The efficiency is because although it is three-time-level scheme, but requires only two time levels of data storage. This results in unconditional stability. It is centered and needs the artificial dissipation operator to guarantee numerical stability.[1]

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