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Construction Drawing Types 2

Construction Drawing Types

Autodesk AutoCAD The main objective of this course is to share CAD Skills with you to achieve the target of best CADman.

Course Contents

01. Getting Started The AutoCAD Interface

02. Getting Started Drawing Simple Geometry

03. Getting Started Annotating Simple Designs

04. Getting Started Communicating Your Design Intent

05. Exploring the Interface Further

06. Using Units and Options

07. Navigating Drawings

08. Drawing More Objects

09. Modifying Objects

10. Drawing Accurately

11. Hatching and Gradients

12. More Text Techniques

13. More Dimensioning Techniques

14. Object and Layer Properties

15. Reusing Content

16. Attributes and Tables

17. External References XREFs

18. Working With Layouts and Annotation

19. Creating Output

20. Other Drawing Management Tools

21. Conclusion Exercise Files

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