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[2021] Engineering Statics by M. Rashad Islam, Md Abdullah Al Faruque, Farmingdale Sylvester A. Kalevela Colorado

This textbook is intended for engineering and applied engineering undergraduate students of subjects such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, architecture, construction engineering, construction management, etc. It is also suitable for applied science students who are pursuing a two-year degree with or without the intention to transfer to four-year-degree programs. The cutting-edge statics theory required for engineering has been described using plain text, appropriate equations, figures and worked out examples. Examples are mostly taken from the real world and are solved using step-by-step explanations. The authors believe that this text will be helpful for engineering, applied engineering and applied science students to understand and apply statics to succeed in their degree programs and careers.

The authors would like to express their sincere gratitude to Rafid Shams Huq from Stamford University, Arifur Rahman from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Jarrett Schirmer from Colorado State University-Pueblo, for reviewing the book. The authors also thank their good friends who helped by providing photos. Students of Colorado State University, Pueblo, who helped to identify some issues during the classroom experiment are acknowledged as well.
The book has been thoroughly inspected with the help of professional editors to fix typos, editorial issues, and poor sentence structure. Despite this, if there is any issue, please excuse us and report it to Any suggestion to improve this book or any issue reported will be fixed in the next edition with proper acknowledgment. Thank you.

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