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Cross Laminated Timber Design: Structural Properties, Standards, and Safety Book by Mustafa Mahamid 2

Cross Laminated Timber Design: Structural Properties, Standards, and Safety Book by Mustafa Mahamid

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a relatively new system that started in Europe in
the early 1990s. The wood design communities, the forest product industry, and
researchers found in CLT an opportunity for increasing the use of wood in nonconventional
and nontraditional applications. Following the European experience, forest
product agencies in North America led by FPinnovations prepared peer-reviewed publications
to provide immediate support for the design, construction, and manufacturing
of CLT products, and provided technical information for implementing CLT systems in
buildings codes and standards,
This book, in its first edition, provides the state of the art of recent developments in
CLT design in its various disciplines. The book provides engineers practicing engineers
and architects as well as students of these disciplines a comprehensive reference on the
planning and design of CLT systems. It also gives the designer the information likely
needed for all design phases. The book covers a general introduction to topics considered
in design of CLT systems. These include codes and standards used in design of CLT
systems; structural behavior, analysis, and design; structural design connections; hygrothermal
performance of CLT assemblies; recommendations for design, construction,
and maintenance; acoustics; fire safety for CLT projects; environmental aspects of wood
as a construction material; and sustainability related to CLT.
The nine chapters of the book have been written by 11 contributors. They have presented
their material in a ready-to-use form wherever possible. Therefore, derivations of
formulas are omitted in all but a few instances, and many worked-out examples are
given. Background information, descriptive matter, and explanatory material have been
condensed or omitted. Because each chapter treats a subject that is broad enough to fill
a book in itself, the contributors have had to select the material that, in their judgment,
is likely to be most useful to the greatest number of users. References and sources of
additional material are noted for most of the topics that could not be treated in sufficient
detail. The editor is very grateful to the contributors for their tremendous efforts in writing,
reviewing, and editing their work, and for their patience during the time it has taken
to complete the first edition.

Master the practice of designing structures with cross-laminated timber

This comprehensive guide explains the design standards, safety protocols, and codes and regulations engineers need to know to use cross-laminated timber as a structural building material. Featuring contributions from experts in the field, Cross-Laminated Timber Design: Structural Properties, Standards, and Safety introduces the material properties of CLT and goes on to cover the recommended lateral and vertical design techniques. You will get clear explanations of all relevant NDS, ASCE 7, and IBC provisions along with real-world examples and case studies. Sustainability and environmental issues are discussed in full detail.

Coverage includes:

• An introduction to cross-laminated timber
• Product standards for cross-laminated timber
• Structural design—gravity
• Structural design—lateral
• Structural connections
• Building envelope design with cross-laminated timber
• Acoustics for CLT projects
• Fire for CLT projects
• Environmental aspects of CLT as a construction material
• Sustainability of cross-laminated timber

Cross Laminated Timber Design: Structural Properties, Standards, and Safety Book by Mustafa Mahamid 3

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