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[2020] Durability of reinforced concrete structures by Paul Chess; Warren Green 2

[2020] Durability of reinforced concrete structures by Paul Chess; Warren Green

[2020] Durability of reinforced concrete structures by Paul Chess; Warren Green 3

Table of contents :
1 The Problem
1.1 Reinforced Concrete
1.2 Steel Reinforcement
1.3 Prestressed And Post-tensioned Concrete
1.4 Concerns About Durability Of Reinforced Concrete
1.5 Corrosion Of Steel Reinforcement In Concrete
1.6 Chloride-induced Corrosion
1.7 Carbonation-induced Corrosion
1.8 Leaching-induced Corrosion
1.9 Stray And Interference Current-induced Corrosion
1.10 Conclusions

2 The Corrosion Process in Reinforced Concrete: The State of the Art
2.1 Introduction
2.2 The Corrosion Process
2.3 The Amount Of Chloride Required To Initiate Corrosion
2.4 The Effect Of The Structure’s Shape On Corrosion
2.5 Ionic Movement In Concrete
2.6 Incipient Anodes – Additional Evidence Of Electrochemical Effects
2.7 Advection
2.8 Chloride Penetration – Additional Evidence Of Advection
2.9 Mechanical Movement
2.10 Studies Of Corrosion On Structures
2.11 Conclusions

3 Monitoring Corrosion and Why Most of the Current NDT Techniques Are Flawed
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Changes In The Concrete
3.3 Changes In The Steel Reinforcement
3.4 Changes In The Steel To Concrete Interface
3.5 Summary
4 Solutions for New Structures
4.1 Design Life In Different Structures And Countries
4.2 Modelling And Its Limitations
4.3 Evaluating Similar Structures In Similar Environments
4.4 Improving The Durability Of Concrete
4.5 Improving The Durability Of Reinforcement
4.6 Improving Durability Of The Structure
4.7 Hydrophobic Or Thin Coatings
4.8 Continuous Film Or Thick Coatings
4.9 Barrier
4.10 Changing Design
4.11 Combination Of Techniques

5 Maximising Service Life with Minimal Capital Expenditure
5.1 Phases In The Life Of A Structure
5.2 Owner Requirements
5.3 Durability Consultant
5.4 Designer Requirements
5.5 Contractor Requirements
5.6 Operator/maintainer Requirements
5.7 Determining Damage Tolerance
5.8 Capital Expenditure Versus Maintenance Expenditure
5.9 Conclusions
6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Remediation Procedures
6.1 Anti-corrosion Procedure Options
6.2 ‘do Nothing’ Option
6.3 Scenario Analyses Of Options
6.4 Marine Wharf Substructure Elements – Remedial Options Scenario Analysis
6.5 Marine Wharf Substructure Elements – Scenario Analysis Of Nonpreferred Remedial Options
6.6 Deciding On The Most Appropriate Remediation Procedure
6.7 Condition Survey To Assess The Cause, Degree And Extent Of Deterioration
6.8 Reinforcement Corrosion Modelling
6.9 Conclusions

7 Examples of Damage and Remediation with Different Structures
7.1 Marine Jetty
7.2 Prestressed Containment Tanks
7.3 Middle Eastern Airport
7.4 Immersed Tube Tunnel
7.5 Swimming Pool
7.6 Coal Storage Silos
7.7 Marine Wharves

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