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Structure and Architecture by Angus J. MacDonald 2

Structure and Architecture by Angus J. MacDonald

The major theme of this book is the relationship between structural design and architectural design. The various aspects of this are brought together in the last chapter which has been expanded in this second edition, partly in response to comments from readers of the first edition, partly because my own ideas have changed and developed, and partly as a consequence of discussion of the issues with colleagues in architecture and structural engineering. I have also added a section on the types of relationship which have existed between architects, builders and engineers, and on the influence which these have had on architectural style and form. The penultimate chapter, on structural criticism, has also been extensively rewritten. It is hoped that the ideas explored in both of these chapters will contribute to the better understanding of the essential and undervalued contribution of structural engineering to the Western architectural tradition and to present-day practice.

Structure and Architecture by Angus J. MacDonald 3

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