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Guidelines for Performance Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings

These Guidelines include the seismic design of structural elements normally assigned as part of the seismic-force-resisting system as well as structural elements whose primary function is to support gravity loads. Except for exterior cladding, design of nonstructural components is not specifically included within the scope of these Guidelines. Design for nonstructural systems should conform to the applicable requirements of the building code or other suitable alternatives that consider the unique response characteristics of tall buildings. These Seismic Design Guidelines for Tall Buildings present a recommended alternative to the prescriptive procedures for seismic design of buildings contained in the ASCE 7 standard and the International Building Code (IBC). The intended audience includes structural engineers and building officials engaged in seismic design and review of tall buildings. Properly executed, these Guidelines are intended to result in buildings that are capable of reliably achieving the seismic performance objectives intended by ASCE 7, and in some aspects, and where specifically noted, somewhat superior performance to such objectives. Individual users may adapt and modify these Guidelines to serve as the basis for designs intended to achieve higher seismic performance objectives than specifically intended herein.

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