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M.Sc. Thesis on “Application of GIS and CARE-W Systems on Water Distribution Networks” by Tao Zhang

Urban infrastructure management is becoming more and more important for cities around the world. This paper presents a management and rehabilitation strategy for water distribution networks, which is to ensure that they are economically under a healthy condition over an extended period of time. The idea is to pay more attention on pro- active approaches that use predictive analysis to achieve long- term economic efficiency. One target in this project is to integrate Geographic Information System technology and Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Water Networks (CARE-W), a new developed toolkit in Europe. This thesis also aims to study and evaluate water distribution condition by using data from Stockholm Water Company in Sweden. Moreover the reliability of CARE-W toolkit is tested. It concluded the experience including theory review, data preparation, and integrate process and achievement presentation. The test area is called Skärholmen pressure zone, consisting 4060 water mains and about 1580 failures, which were recorded from year 1988 to 2005. In the experiment, data preparation and analysis processes occupied above 80% of the project time. Three CARE-W tools have been tested. They are Performance Indicator tool, Reliability Model and Failure Model. The Performance Indicator Tool and Reliability Model were run successfully, but the Failure Model failed in this project. However another approach from only GIS analysis has been carried to achieve failure forecasting. In the final part, why some portions are in poorer positions compared to others are discussed based on reality and results from the experience. Results are presented in graphs, GIS maps and tables. These are mainly for decision makers to know the current situation of their asset and where they should put more energy on and how to make long term planning.

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