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Handbook of Thin Plate Buckling and Postbuckling Book by Frederick Bloom

Stop searching through the endless amount of literature to find the most recent information on plate buckling. The authors of Handbook of Thin Plate Buckling and Post Buckling have already done the work for you. Detailed and clearly written, the book contains a comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of the buckling and postbuckling behavior of perfect and imperfect thin plates. The authors study, in detail and with specific solved examples, the essential factors that influence critical buckling loads, initial mode shapes, and postbuckling behavior for thin plates. Through their analysis of rectangular, circular, and annular plates, they present valuable information, some of which has never before been published in book form. Such topics include hygrothermal buckling, viscoelastic and plastic buckling, and buckling of various thickness plates. With this important collection, the Handbook of Thin Plate Buckling and Post Buckling provides you with a one-stop source of current research findings.

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