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Tall building-design, steel, concrete, & composite system ;by Bungale S.Taranath 2

Tall building-design, steel, concrete, & composite system ;by Bungale S.Taranath

Offering steerage on a way to use code-based procedures whereas at constant time providing AN understanding of why provisions ar necessary, Tall Building Design: Steel, Concrete, and Composite Systems methodically explores the structural behavior of steel, concrete, and composite members and systems. This text establishes the notion that style could be a artistic method, ANd not simply an execution of framing proposals. It cultivates inventive approaches by presenting examples specifically associated with essential building codes and standards. fastening along exactitude and accuracy—it additionally bridges the gap between 2 style approaches—one supported initiative ability and also the alternative supported pc ability.

The book explains masses and cargo combos usually utilized in building style, explores strategies for decisive style wind masses mistreatment the provisions of ASCE 7-10, and examines construction procedures. It defines abstract seismal style, because the dodging or minimisation of issues created by the results of seismal excitation. It introduces the thought of performance-based style (PBD). It additionally addresses utility concerns, prediction of tall building motions, damping devices, seismal isolation, blast-resistant style, and progressive collapse. the ultimate chapters make a case for gravity and lateral systems for steel, concrete, and composite buildings.

The Book additionally Considers: Preliminary analysis and style techniques The structural rehabilitation of seismically vulnerable steel and concrete buildings Design variations between code-sponsored approaches The thought of malleability trade-off for strength Tall Building Design: Steel, Concrete, and Composite Systems could be a structural style guide and reference for active engineers and educators, likewise as recent graduates coming into the structural engineering profession. This text examines all major concrete, steel, and composite building systems, and uses the foremost up-to-date building codes.

Table of contents :

Content: Ch. 1. Loads on building structures — ch. 2. Wind loads — ch. 3. Earthquake effects on buildings — ch. 4. Wind load analysis of buildings — ch. 5. Seismic design with particular reference to ASCE 7-10 seismic provisions — ch. 6. Performance-based design — ch. 7. Preliminary calculations to ensure validity of computer analysis — ch. 8. Seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings — ch. 9. Special topics — ch. 10. Torsion — ch. 11. Seismic design : a pictorial review — ch. 12. Steel buildings : bolted and welded connections, gravity, and lateral load-resisting systems and details — ch. 13. Composite buildings : structural system and details.

Tall building-design, steel, concrete, & composite system ;by Bungale S.Taranath 3

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