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Railway Management and Engineering (Edition:4th) ;by V.Profillidis 2

Railway Management and Engineering (Edition:4th) ;by V.Profillidis

This book aims to hide the requirement for a replacement scientific approach for railways. it’s meant to be of use to railway managers, economists and engineers, consulting economists and engineers, students of faculties of engineering, transportation, economics, and management. The book is split into 3 components, that deal in turn with management, track, and wheeled vehicle, setting and safety. every chapter of the book contains the mandatory theoretical analysis of the phenomena studied, the suggested solutions, applications, charts and style of the particular railway element. during this approach, each the necessity for a theoretical analysis is met, and also the want of the railway manager and engineer for tables, nomographs, rules, etc. is glad. Railways in Europe have separated activities of infrastructure from those of operation. In different components of the planet, however, railways stay unified. The book addresses each things (separated and unified railways). Railways gift nice variations in their technologies. one thing could also be valid for one such technology, however not for an additional. to beat this drawback, rules of the International Union of Railways (UIC) similarly as European Standardization (CEN) and European Technical Specifications for ability (TSIs) are accustomed the best extent doable. Whenever a selected technology or technique is given, the bounds of its application area unit clearly emphasised. Reference: Profillidis, V. (2016). Railway management and engineering. Routledge.

Railway Management and Engineering (Edition:4th) ;by V.Profillidis 3

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