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Railway Engineering Book by M. M.Agarwal & Satish Chandra.

There are major technological developments in railways round the world within the recent past to satisfy the challenges of heavier traffic and better speeds. In Indian Railways especially, the track structure has been progressive in a very huge manner within the last 3 decades. Long welded rails, concrete sleepers, and elastic fastenings are used on highspeed routes to supply stable and resilient structures. subway railways also are being introduced in metropolitan cities to ease the matter of congestion on roads. Diesel and electric locomotives, that have superior performance capabilities, have replaced steam locomotives. additionally, trendy signalling, automatic warning, and centralized traffic control systems square measure being adopted to confirm safety and most utilization of track capacity. It is vital for engineering students and new entrants into the sphere of railways to remember of not solely the basics of railway engineering however conjointly latest developments with relation to railway tracks, locomotives and wheeled vehicle, signalling and interlocking, etc.

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