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Design of Small Canal Structures ;by Jr. A.J.Aisenbrey , R. B.Hayes , H.J.Warren , D.L.Winsett

Let man have dominion over the world and let the world evoke grass, the herb yielding seed, and also the angiospermous tree yielding fruit once its kind.” therefore is it written within the Book of Genesis. The availability of water has determined the course of empires in several civilizations. When made on the market, its use for irrigating crops has been practiced for thousands of years by several peoples of the globe. however solely since the late 1800’s has man applied knowledge base to watering drylands to extend crop production. The wise use of soil and water resources has changed lots of acres of once barren wasteland and desert into productive farms supporting prosperous communities. Development of water resources by the Government to supply irrigation water for the arid lands of the western us was initiated once the Reclamation Act of 1902 was passed throughout President Theodore Roosevelt’s administration. due to his strong leadership ability and contempt for abusive exploitation of our natural resources, he became thought to be the steward of the public’s welfare. Reclamation engineers and scientists through the years have developed canal structures for i rriga tion systems which might effectively perform their supposed functions. This publication has been ready let’s say the application of canal structures having style discharge capacities up to a hundred cubic feet per second. many sorts of canal structures have been standardized for this capability vary and are given herein. Structure sizes needed to discharge these flows ar comparatively small; however, engineering principles utilized in their design also are applicable to canal structures of greater capability.

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